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Liam at Funky Buddha - x

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kerryfrancis: Last night. via Metropolis Gentlemens Club

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nicbutterz: Easter selfie 🐣🐣🐇🐇

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chloejygreenBessie mate

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verderber: oh hey Niall 👶

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hfazzzSoz hello @real_liam_payne

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hfazzz: Hello @niallhoran 

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Anonymous: Hi! Just wondering, do you think the boys will do twitter questions for the WWA tour? Or just the instagram videos? Could you please explain them/how to send them in? Thank you!

I’m pretty sure they’re doing the instagram videos instead of twitter questions. You can get all the details here: -Katie

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Anonymous: Do the boys have cleaners to clean there houses

You don’t need to spam (for future reference). We read every message. :) but I have no idea. I mean, are they even home enough to get their houses messy? Like, they probably do have cleaners for when they’re actually home, but I honestly have no way of knowing for sure or not. -K

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The 5 Boys News
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