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Daily Roundup: March 25, 2013
  • The boys had the day off today (through March 30)
  • Niall was spotted in Dublin, Ireland (x)
  • Niall was at his friend Eoghan’s parents house in Dublin. (x)
  • Niall’s brother’s wedding is on Wednesday, so he’s probably participating in the wedding rehearsal tomorrow, since he’s Best Man
  • The ‘This is Us’ movie crew headed over to Dublin today, most likely to film Niall at his brother’s wedding (x)
  • Louis tweeted confirming that he is in London (x)
  • Louis got two tattoos today on his ankle (x) (x) (x)
  • Louis also got a chest tattoo (x)
  • His tattoo ‘The Rogue’ is the name of the band that he was in before the X Factor (x)
  • Harry’s whereabouts are still unconfirmed, so there’s still a possibility that he’s in Los Angeles, I suppose.
  • Liam was with Andy today (x)
  • Liam went to the Brazil football match with Andy and some friends (x) He’s ‘eskimo #2’ in the video :)
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