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Concert Roundup: Metro Arena (Newcastle) 4.8.13
  • Zayn’s mother and two sisters, Waliyha and Safaa were at tonight’s concert (x)
  • Perrie attended tonight’s concert (x)
  • Zayn blew a kiss at Perrie tonight from the stage
  • Liam noticed a girl in the audience wearing a carrot costume and Louis laughed at her
  • Josh broke one of his drumsticks during the intro to LWWY
  • One of the twitter questions was: Who can sing the highest? And their guitarist said that it was really funny!
  • The boys tried to talk Geordie tonight.
  • The boys also did the Inbetweeners dance tonight!
  • Liam dropped his microphone tonight and ended up sharing a microphone with Zayn during Summer Love.
  • Harry couldn’t sing some of his solo in Little Things because he was laughing at Liam’s echos
  • At the end of Over Again, Harry prolonged the last note so that Niall and Louis had to wait to say the “again” at the end. He was smirking.
  • They kept laughing during Little Things because they changed the notes
  • Liam was teasing Harry about how he was going to pull his pants down again but he never did.

Via @the1Dinsider, @replaylouder, @1DsWWReport, @ChloeHodgex, @TroubledPro

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